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We're here for the times you're looking to buy from, sell too or work for a business you've never engaged with before.

We've already asked the questions we think you'd ask, then invited others to share their knowledge and experience so you can make up your own mind if they'd make a good fit.

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We're here for Buyers

Everything from disaster recovery plans to how a company treats their employees are all important factors when choosing which business to buy from. We're here to help you get a real feel for a business, the culture and how they conduct themselves. This should in turn reflect on how they treat you as a customer.

We're here for Sellers

You don’t want to get caught out by dealing with a business that treats their suppliers badly. Use our site to see what others have to say before celebrating that new customer win.

We're here for Workers

How a business treats their employees should always be considered when making any decision to engage with a new business.

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Everyone is unique, and we all have different values and objectives. Our question-and-answer format allows you to build your own opinion about a business based on what you believe is important.

Our Q&A structure also allows you to seek the answers to questions you may never have even thought of yourself, helping you further in making those all-important decisions.

So, we're not a straightforward review site and we're not an encyclopaedia... we're somewhere in between.

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We wholeheartedly agree when people say "it's good to share". So therefore, we encourage all our visitors to share by submitting answers to questions they feel they have an opinion on so others can learn from their experience.

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