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At every level, people use review and feedback sites to help them make decisions on who to buy from, work for or supply to.

Our site helps you manage and influence your online reputation in a way that maintains structure, honesty and targets intent.

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When people are looking to buy from, supply to or work for a business, there is a good chance they would all ask similar questions. So why not proactively pose these questions and invite existing customers, suppliers and employees to provide their opinions for others to read.

These answers in turn engage readers and influence what they think of you. In other words… Your reputation.

Not your traditional review website

We are proud to do things differently. Unlike traditional review websites, who open the door to negativity, we use intent based focused questions & answers (Q&A) in the same way you would ask a friend or colleague a specific question about people they have dealt with in the past. This ensures visitors get a real feel for a business, make their own opinions based on what's important to them and in most cases, buyers get answers to questions they may never have thought of in the first place.

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At last, a review site that really works for the business owner.

Steve Amigo Executive Travel

Add your business to our site now. Use us as a powerful tool to really help shape the face of your reputation online. It costs nothing, just a little of your time. If you only get 1 extra customer because they've read the answers to your questions on our site... well that’s got to be worth it.

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